Cafe Blinds FAQ

Can I leave the blinds down on windy days?

Ziptrak® blinds are designed to withstand wind in regular weather conditions. Although Ziptrak® blinds can withstand very strong winds, we recommend in windy conditions of 30Km per hour and more that you lower your Ziptrak® blind all the way down until it is locked, or retract to the very top. Midway is the most vulnerable position for your blind.

Wind loading test on 2500mm wide by 2500mm high Ziptrak® blind with SunScreen (not solid PVC surface), performed by the University of Adelaide yield the following findings:

  • When installed according to Ziptrak® installation manual, the blind can withstand wind of 90Km per hour. In such a strong wind the aluminium rivets fixing the Ziptrak® track to the Ziptrak® bracket channel sheared off.
  • When installed according to Ziptrak® installation manual, with the difference of using stainless steel rivets to fix the Ziptrak® track to the Ziptrak®bracket channel, the blind can withstand wind of 160Km per hour. In such a strong wind the bottom bar guide on one side has broken off.

What are the maximum dimensions for Ziptrak® outdoor blinds?

The recommended maximum dimensions for Ziptrak® blinds are 4500mm wide by 3500mm high when using mesh, or 4000mm wide by 3000mm high when using PVC. An experienced installer can decide whether to exceed these measurement considering wind rate, skin material, operators, structure strength and other factors.

Depending on the size of the blind and choice of material, there may be one or two vertical seams between separate panels of material that have been welded together.

Should I buy PVC or Visishade mesh blinds?

A: This depends on the type of protection you are looking for. If you want to block wind and maintain the temperature in your outdoor living space, whilst ensuring a clear view outside, PVC blinds are the best option. If you prefer to have some airflow, but primarily block sun and glare, then shade materials will be most effective. Visishade mesh materials can also block a high degree of wind and rain (up to about 96%), whilst also somewhat maintaining the temperature within your space.

Visishade mesh fabrics provide privacy during the day, allowing you to see outside but restrict the view into the outdoor area. At night, the opposite occurs; you won’t be able to see beyond the fabric, whilst someone standing outside will clearly be able to see in if you have a light on within your outdoor area. Motorisation is only recommended for Visishade mesh blinds, not clear PVC.

What blind materials are available for Ziptrak® Interior blinds?

Light and translucent or heavy and block out; Ziptrak® Interior blinds come in a wide range of options. Our system caters for those looking for a defused, luxurious light or total block out for privacy and light control.

Your retailer will be able to show you dozens of options with different thickness, colour and texture that determine the end result.

A bedroom or media room may require total block out, whilst a semi translucent material may be perfect for blocking glare and providing privacy, without losing the view, in a living room.

What are the maximum dimensions for Ziptrak® Interior Blinds?

A single Ziptrak® Interior blind can be a maximum of 3000mm wide, with a 3000mm drop. The minimum width is 450mm.

For drops up to 2100mm, the pelmet size is 75mm. For drops between 2100mm and 3000mm require a 95mm pelmet.

What is the difference between Cafe Blinds and Shade Blinds?

The term Café Blinds generally refers to a clear or tinted plastic PVC material as the skin of the blind. This style of blind provides a complete barrier against wind, dust and insects, as it offers a solid layer of plastic. Shade blinds refer to a mesh or canvas material, which has small holes throughout, allowing a minor degree of airflow, but still blocks dust and insects. Shade blinds block a higher degree of sun and glare compared with PVC materials, and often result in more privacy. Café blinds will be more effective at locking in the temperature that exists within the area. Please note, that if you are looking to motorise your blinds, Ziptrak® only recommend motorisation for SunScreen mesh blinds, not clear PVC.

How are Ziptrak® blinds different to other brands?

A: Ziptrak® is a brand of outdoor track guided blinds, protected under patent and invented in Australia. Customers should check whether they are purchasing a genuine Ziptrak® system.

Ziptrak® is the leading brand of outdoor blinds, with a range of differences to competitor products, which combined, make a considerable difference in the operation and longevity of your system. Over 400 retailers in Australia stock our brand, whilst we also export to international markets. Ziptrak® is the trusted solution by thousands of households and businesses around the world, demanding a robust, long-lasting and easy to use outdoor blind.

Only Ziptrak® blinds have a centre-lock-release, which allows you to unlock both the left and right locks simultaneously from the middle. We are also the only system that allows you to lock and unlock the blind from both the inside and outside.

Next, Ziptrak® also has a unique method for attaching the blind material to the vertical tracks. We only utilise the finest materials with exceptional engineering and a patented design. Our system has a strong reputation within the industry, and is often imitated but never duplicated. This results in a secure hold, even with minor house movement and wind pressure on the fabric. The Ziptrak® system will not rattle in the wind, unlike many of the other brands. We also have unique optional extras such as the SolarSmart 100% solar power motorised operation.