Clear Cafe Pergola Blinds

Cafe blinds, PVC blinds, pergola blinds have come a long way from our early days in the mid 90's in regards to systems, material, modern manufacturing, machinery and techniques.

To produce a custom made cafe blind involves a number of key factors: Accurate laser measuring, modern laser cutting, high frequency welded seams, quality material and genuine components. When selecting a cafe blind, consider what you wish to achieve from your pergola area - is it entertaining - relaxing or even a room. From this you can now look at systems and materials to use. Some operating systems simply roll up and down like a holland blind (Ziptrak) and others are your traditional zip up roll up systems.

With advancement in systems you can now choose what suits your individual needs, as we know all customers have different needs and wants. When looking at materials to use there are issues such as wind, rain and sun to be considered. Clear PVC will block wind and keep you dry in winter, but needs to be vented in summer as areas will warm up. Looking at shaded materials you can consider our Visishade material which is a close knit product with up to 93% UV block and up to 96% wind and rain block. These materials still breathe to assist ventilation in summer and winter time. Should you chose one of the darker colours, viewing clarity is still good, but if privacy is an issue we do have a total block material that can be manufactured in all systems.

For many people it is a difficult task to operate big window blinds or patio awnings. Conventional spring loaded blinds have to be pulled down and held against the tension of the springs while the operator moves from side to side to fasten the bottom of the blind by means of buckles or leather straps. This can be quite cumbersom. It is also extremely time consuming for commercial operations.

That's why the Ziptrak® blind system was developed. The ideal solution: Ziptrak® Guided Blind System - Vertical screening made easy and quick to operate!

What is unique about the Ziptrak® blind system and sets it apart from any other are it's specially designed slotted side tracks between which the blind glides smoothly and easily up or down and stops at whatever position you require.

Extrusions are manufactured from high-quality aluminium and are powder coated to choice of colour.

To protect your verandah or patio from wind and rain - while enjoying the view - you may use clear or tinted Quality PVC.